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This site shows original prints and glass work. All prints are available to buy. 


About me

my story

I left college with a Fine Art degree specializing in sculpture quite a long time ago.  On leaving I worked for a while in the TV and film industry then went back to college to gain an MA in glass at the Royal College of Art. I left inspired, set up my own art practice and went for it. It was great.

Glass is all about the light. The refraction and quality of light within glass and the depth apparent within a solid is all wonderful and very intriguing.
But glass comes with its own unique restrictions. These restrictions do push makers to find new and exciting discoveries ... and I think I discovered some great stuff.
So now I am investigating other things .... and printing is pretty exciting too.
It’s still all about the light for me; the progression from light to dark, the tension created, and the movement and energy that is possible to achieve.

I am enjoying making these prints and hope you like them too.
I’ll keep you posted.

Eleanor Long