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This site shows original prints and glass work. All prints are available to buy. 



My preferred way of working is by trial and error (or happy discovery) which becomes more informed as I investigate further. Many techniques are based on well-known methods and then tweeked or dismantled all together ...


The focus in these prints is the feel and impression created by the landscape and environment; how light, weather and elemental forces come together to alter the character and form of a place.

Every print in the series is different from the next, so each one is original.

This is called a Variable Edition. There are 250 variable editions in each series.

These prints are created using a drypoint intaglio technique where the image is directly drawn onto the plate using a sharp implement. This scratches the surface to capture ink on the raised burr of the mark-making as well as in the recess created. In addition to this I also employ a process of applying an excess of ink over the printing plate then wiping, moving, cleaning and re-applying to create a unique rendition of the image every time. This means that each print in the edition can differ enormously from the next. As a result each print becomes a fleeting impression of that place reflecting how every moment differs from the next in real time.

Each print is a unique rendition of the artist's proof resulting in every image differing from the next. Every print is signed, dated, embossed and stamped with its own unique artist number. The artist number signifies that this print is the only one of its particular kind which cannot be repeated. It is one in a series of prints of this name.

The print is printed on acid free Zerkell paper, supplied mounted as standard; please select mount colour when ordering.


'Light-lines' giclée

The ‘Light Lines’ work is a series of limited edition signed prints. These are photographs which are composed of a number of free-standing curved pieces of glass placed within a given space. Through the positioning of the glass, forms flow from one to another. Additional lighting on the edges of the glass creates intense lines of light alongside shadow.

Giclée (pronounced zhee-clay) is a fine art term describing high quality, short-run prints. This process uses finest quality acid free papers and the latest professional vivid archival inks producing archival quality high resolution prints.

Glass works

The selected work shown includes sandblast techniques. These are depth, matt and graduated sandblasting  using either a computer-cut or hand-cut stencil. Some artworks also have an acid wash.

The 'glass line' work involves fusing layers of glass together, slumping glass over or into a former in a kiln and then cutting, grinding and polishing to create the required shape. This glass is then encased in a block by either casting or laminating with an acrylic resin, depending on requirements.