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This site shows original prints and glass work. All prints are available to buy. 


what is an etching ?

These prints are created using a drypoint intaglio technique where the image is directly drawn onto the plate using a sharp implement. This scratches the surface to capture ink on the raised burr of the mark-making as well as in the recess created. In addition to this I also employ a process of applying an excess of ink over the printing plate then wiping, moving, cleaning and re-applying to create a unique rendition of the image every time. This means that each print in the edition can differ enormously from the next. As a result each print becomes a fleeting impression of that place reflecting how every moment differs from the next in real time.

Every print in the series is different from the next, so each one is original.

This is called a Variable Edition. There are 250 variable editions in each series.

Each print is a unique rendition of the artist's proof resulting in every image differing from the next. The print is printed on acid free paper, supplied backed on mount board as standard.